Four new fruit trees

My hot mess of a yard is happy to announce the addition of four large sticks in the ground. Please say hello to four new fruit trees: a plum and three peaches.

It’s been a couple of years since I planted any bare-root trees; in the past I purchased trees through the Valley Permaculture Alliance fruit tree program, but it’s been inactive the past few years. So this year I found a similar program that’s sponsored by the Urban Farm. I was able to order and pick up my four trees for around $130 or so if I remember correctly. Not too shabby, considering when I first purchased my house I paid something like $700 for two trees from the evil-nursery-that-shall-not-be-named, both of which were dead within a year.

The sticks in the ground are as follows: Weeping Santa Rosa Plum (Foreground), Desert Gold Peach (Background, left), Tropic Snow White Peach (Background, middle), Mid-Pride Peach (Background, right)

By the way, check out the section called “what I planted” (if you’re looking at this blog from a computer it’s probably in the left sidebar, otherwise it’s below this post content) for a new addition to Dead in the Desert. I’m starting a plant database for everything I plant (and track) moving forward. The first four additions are the trees. You can click on the links in the “what I planted” section to see more information about said plants.

I’m very excited to have these new trees in the ground and I can’t wait to see them start blooming as we head into spring over the next month. Expect a gallery of beautiful peach and plum blooms!

Activity shall resume

I’ve been less than active on this blog for the past several years. I intend to change that beginning today. I always intended to make this a place where I can journal my attempts at gardening, as well as a place for me to have a random musing or two. Just this past weekend I planted four new fruit trees in my yard and I’d really like to document that. It’s also prime gardening season here in the valley of the sun, so my goal for the next month is to document any yard work I do that’s not pulling weeds (because that’s just not even a little bit interesting).

So if anyone happens to run into this blog stick around, I swear I will post something to either entertain you or bore you, but at least I’ll post something.

Oh btw: I realize there are some images missing from posts. Not totally certain when that happened but I’ll get ‘er fixed as soon as I can.