Activity shall resume

I’ve been less than active on this blog for the past several years. I intend to change that beginning today. I always intended to make this a place where I can journal my attempts at gardening, as well as a place for me to have a random musing or two. Just this past weekend I planted four new fruit trees in my yard and I’d really like to document that.┬áIt’s also prime gardening season here in the valley of the sun, so my goal for the next month is to document any yard work I do that’s not pulling weeds (because that’s just not even a little bit interesting).

So if anyone happens to run into this blog stick around, I swear I will post something to either entertain you or bore you, but at least I’ll post something.

Oh btw: I realize there are some images missing from posts. Not totally certain when that happened but I’ll get ‘er fixed as soon as I can.

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