Four new fruit trees

My hot mess of a yard is happy to announce the addition of four large sticks in the ground. Please say hello to four new fruit trees: a plum and three peaches.

It’s been a couple of years since I planted any bare-root trees; in the past I purchased trees through the Valley Permaculture Alliance fruit tree program, but it’s been inactive the past few years. So this year I found a similar program that’s sponsored by the Urban Farm. I was able to order and pick up my four trees for around $130 or so if I remember correctly. Not too shabby, considering when I first purchased my house I paid something like $700 for two trees from the evil-nursery-that-shall-not-be-named, both of which were dead within a year.

The sticks in the ground are as follows: Weeping Santa Rosa Plum (Foreground), Desert Gold Peach (Background, left), Tropic Snow White Peach (Background, middle), Mid-Pride Peach (Background, right)

By the way, check out the section called “what I planted” (if you’re looking at this blog from a computer it’s probably in the left sidebar, otherwise it’s below this post content) for a new addition to┬áDead in the Desert. I’m starting a plant database for everything I plant (and track) moving forward. The first four additions are the trees. You can click on the links in the “what I planted” section to see more information about said plants.

I’m very excited to have these new trees in the ground and I can’t wait to see them start blooming as we head into spring over the next month. Expect a gallery of beautiful peach and plum blooms!

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